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Aims of the MGS

In summary

  • The cultivation and development of mediterranean plants and gardening.
  • The study of the flora including: cultivated plants, their origins, uses and management, endemic mediterranean plants which can be used in gardens and exotic plants which can be introduced into mediterranean gardening.
  • The propagation of mediterranean plants.
  • The design and construction of gardens suitable for the mediterranean climate, landscape and way of life.
  • The study of mediterranean soils and their proper management and improvement. Interest in technical aspects of mediterranean gardening, such as irrigation, garden and botanical equipment, etc.
  • Attention to mediterranean gardens of special interest, particularly botanical and historical.
  • The promotion of education and information as regards the plant world and flora.
  • The dissemination and cultivation of the love of nature and the sensitization and education of public opinion on matters concerning the environment and ecology.
  • The confrontation of problems in the area where the Society has its seat: cultural up-grading and development and the struggle to conserve and maintain the Mediterranean cultural heritage and landscape, ekistic, ecological and environmental problems.
  • The promotion by all legal and advantageous means of the Society's aims.
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