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The MGS seed exchange

Chantal Guiraud runs the MGS seed exchange which is a service totally free to MGS members. She renews the list regularly and gives advice on what to sow in each season.

See Seed List Notes Illustrated for advice on how to propagate these seeds.

You can see from the list below that Chantal has a good selection of seeds including some unusual ones. Many are provided by Chantal herself and others come from the MGS garden at Sparoza, but our members are also asked to contribute to make this a true exchange. Please read the instructions carefully before you order and remember that although you are not obliged to send seeds in exchange, only by receiving seeds from members can Chantal add to the list of seeds on offer. Watch this page for additions to the list.

How to order seeds
All MGS members may order 10 packets per year. If you contribute seeds to the exchange then you may order 15 packets per year. There is no cost. Please remember that all members are responsible for complying with their local laws. You may order seed from Chantal at the address below or by emailing her. Do not forget to include your name and address when you request seeds.

Chantal requests “Please remember when you order seeds to give me alternatives to the ten species you are requesting in case stocks of them are exhausted.”

How to send seeds
The seeds should be removed from their pods or protective covering, then placed in paper envelopes (not plastic) and well sealed. On the envelope please write: the donor’s name and ‘MGS’, the scientific name of the plant, the year and location in which the seed was harvested. Chantal accepts all seeds, though with a preference for those of plants from mediterranean-climate areas.

Seed donations should be sent to:
Chantal Guiraud
75 rue de la Vieille Poste
34 000 Montpellier

You can see the latest list of seeds here.
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