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Information about mediterranean gardening

Edibles for a mediterranean climate: Hints on how to cultivate some out-of-the-ordinary fruits and vegetables and ways to eat them
Inspired by the  MGS forum thread Fruit/Veg of the Day. Photograph of azerole fruit by Jean Vaché.

Wildlife gardening in a mediterranean climate
By planting a variety of native plants, avoiding pesticides, providing a little water and leaving undisturbed corners, we gardeners have a unique opportunity to assist our native wildlife to feed and breed. In these articles, reprinted from the MGS journal, you will find inspiration and practical advice to achieve that goal. Photograph by Alisdair Aird.

Container gardening what plants to grow and how to care for them
Information on how to make your balconies and patios green and blooming. Including watering, transplanting and choice of soil.

Propagation from cuttings
Information on how to increase your plants from cuttings: methods, mediums and where to keep them safe. Includes articles on propagation from cuttings by professional gardeners, an absentee gardener, without green fingers, and by a rose expert.

All about seeds by Chantal Guiraud
Seed List notes illustrated. With suggestions and advice.
Information about propagating from seeds. When to sow and what seeds do best at what time. Also a video showing how to prick out tiny seedlings.

Compost and how to make it
Composting in a mediterranean climate has particular challenges, but our soil has a particular need for improvement so the search for the perfect method of producing compost goes on.

Citrus Cultivation
Information on how to grow citrus and what varieties to grow where, including some rare cultivars - and a few recipes too.

Useful but potentially invasive plants in the mediterranean region
An article by O. Filippi and J. Aronson originally published in BGJournal, 2011, vol. 8 (2), 27/31.

Climate changes and mediterranean gardening
Text of Trevor Nottle's speech to the Languedoc Branch on 22 May, 2012.

What is a mediterranean climate?
by Heidi Gildemeister.

Plant Notes
The beginnings of a plant list with notes giving 'in the garden experience', both positive and negative, of plants well-known to the authors, all members of the MGS.

Olive Cultivation
The popular articles from The Mediterranean Garden on olives by Brian Chatterton are complemented by Chevrel Traher's article on Organic Olives and lecture notes by Dr Petros Roussos from the Athens University of Agriculture.

Toxic and Allergenic Mediterranean Plants
Elsbeth Stoiber illustrates the often unsuspected dangers that lurk in our gardens. Our beloved mediterranean plants can sometimes prove our worst enemies.
A compendium of articles on drought, published in The Mediterranean Garden between 1997 and 2004, with a new introduction by Olivier Filippi.

Ask the Expert, Questions & Answers
Replies to the questions we received from members on a range of subjects. (Photo by Blaž Šegula.)
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