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News & Views

Teaching teachers at Sparoza
A group of Primary school teachers from Central Athens attended a seminar on propagation in the MGS garden at Sparoza given by Garden Assistant Isabel Sanders.

Rediscovering Greece
"My name is Julia Catton. Each year my husband and I spend six months in Greece on the Aegean island of Lemnos - the other six months we return to Australia. On the island we have been renovating Takis' great-grandfather's old home ..."

Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal
An annual periodic publication for scientific content on garden and landscape studies.

Making a Garden on a Greek Hillside
by Mary Jaqueline Tyrwhitt. We are pleased to announce a new edition of the long out-of-print famous book about the birth of the MGS garden at Sparoza, an essential read for all water-conscious gardeners who live in similar mediterranean climates.

An Australian native plant series
An Australian native plant series by Attila Kapitany that explores the diversity of species and habitats as well as their cultivation and popularity.

A snowed in mediterranean garden
Our village is situated at an altitude of 314 metres; we live at the lower end of it, at approximately 200 metres, at the end of a white road ...

The President visits the Kaisariani Botanic Garden
A little treasure nestled into a fold of Mount Hymettos, the longest of the mountains surrounding Athens, is the Kaisariani Botanical Garden.

Nouvelles natures, nouveaux jardins, l'exemple languedocien
by Louisa Jones. The current growth of interest in gardening in Languedoc illustrates a sustainable partnership between man and nature.

Der Ferienhausgarten, Gärtnern unter südlicher Sonne
by Ilse Höger. For gardeners in Southern Europe - the Côte d'Azur, Mallorca, Provence, Tuscany - or near the Italian lakes such as Lago Maggiore. 

The Garden Visitor’s Companion
by  Louisa Jones. A beautifully illustrated book that will show you how best to look at and appreciate gardens and landscapes throughout the world.

Do it yourself
A theory to explain how plants create mounds of soil on the bare rock into which they grow on the Aegean island of Milos. Text and photographs by Fleur Pavlidis.

Hard Grapes
A conversation with a Greek wine producer revealed a common philosophy.
Text by Fleur Pavlidis. Photo by Nikos Pavlidis.

Palms in the Balearics
Text and photograph by Howard Janes, an amateur who has begun to take an interest in the potential of palms in the Mediterranean garden.

A Fine Greek Garden
Photographs from the owner's collection

An endangered Mediterranean species
If there were a contest for which is the most Mediterranean of plants my entry would be …
Text by Cali Doxiades
Photo by Dominique Vaché

A Stranger in Your Garden
Our MGS experts can help members identify the intruder.

MGS Invades the Peloponnese
A travelogue by Barbara Diamantides.
Following the 2007 AGM in Athens, a group set off for the Peloponnese led by George and Chrysanthi Sfikas...

Good gardening luck assured for Cyprus Branch members in 2008
At the MGS New Year's Cake cutting ceremony the lucky charm fell to Cyprus and the AC drank to their health. On the left a bouquet from Cali Doxiadis’ garden in Corfu cut on New Year’s Day.

A garden with an agricultural history
Text and photographs by John Joynes
John Joynes' garden in Cyprus is sited on land which has been farmed for generations.

Gardening in crampons
Text and photographs by Sally Beale
Gardening on a steep hillside in Mallorca.

Aromatic and scented plants which grow successfully in the Midi, France
Collated by David Bracey
Photographs by Mercedes Maier
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