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Making a Garden on a Greek Hillside

by Mary Jaqueline Tyrwhitt

This is the second, considerably revised, edition of this classic book. Among the many novelties:

  • Plant names have been updated to reflect a number of changes in the botanical nomenclature of the plants described in the book.
  • Over 140 new line drawings of plants have been added to those of Derek Toms which graced the first edition. They were all taken from the MGS journal The Mediterranean Garden and were contributed by Megan Bozkurt, Lynne Chatterton, Freda Cox, Elise Dardé, Katharine Fedden, John Fielding, Veronica Hadjiphani Lorenzetti, the late Marjorie Holmes, Burford Hurry, John Jefferis, Davina Michaelidis, Helene Pizzi, Christina Riganeli and Flavio Zanon.
  • A new appendix is included on the development of the garden at Sparoza since the death of Jacky Tyrwhitt in 1983, written by Sally Razelou.
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
by Flavio Zanon
Myrtus communis
by Burford Hurry
Cercis siliquastrum
by Megan Bozkurt

Please note that the book has a new ISBN: 978-960-7120-30-4.

The publisher is Denise Harvey, from whom the book may be ordered, and the price is 18 euros.
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