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Supporting the MGS

Since it came into being in 1994, our Society has grown from its unique Greek "garden on a hillside in Attica" to reach gardeners in the various mediterranean-climate regions of the world. This wouldn't have been possible without the faithful contribution made by our members as they renew their subscriptions annually – it is these subscriptions alone that provide the funds for the budget which our Treasurer presents each year at our General Assembly. The MGS has always relied solely on its own powers and has never sought public aid or regional or state funding of any kind. Nor indeed would we wish to change this practice, since it is on this that our independence is based. In a world undergoing a profound crisis, the MGS must adapt to the current situation while at the same time continuing to pursue its aims; this is why the Administrative Committee is turning to those who are the mainspring of our Society – in other words, our members themselves – so that those who wish to do so may support the MGS, each according to his or her ability.
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