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Nouvelles natures, nouveaux jardins, l'exemple languedocien

by Louisa Jones, photos by Béatrice Pichon. Éditions Eugen Ulmer, Paris, 2010

The growth of interest in gardening today in the Languedoc region of France illustrates the very best in Mediterranean gardening: a sustainable partnership between man and nature.

Modern science has proved that eight thousand years of co-evolution involving human use of the land has in fact produced not degraded landscapes, as was long thought, but an exceptional degree of biodiversity.

In the Languedoc, the most recent generation of gardeners have inclined towards botany, natural history and the practice of a humanistic ecology which explores this partnership in a great variety of styles - public and private, big and small, "wild" and formal, professional and amateur - by gardeners inspired by local spirit of place to produce original and very personal gardens.
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