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An Australian native plant series

An Australian native plant series by Attila Kapitany that explores the diversity of species and habitats as well as their cultivation and popularity. Perhaps more importantly these soft cover booklets highlight the need for further research and trials by professionals and gardeners alike. High quality colour images.

Bottle Trees and Boabs
This booklet covers Australian bottle trees and boabs, both in habitat and in cultivation, comparing the various species and distinguishing features. There are five Australian species covered. While many people know two or three, they'll be surprised to see the other very rare and unusual new species.
40 pages.
Gymea and Spear Lilies
Australian Doryanthes in both habitat and in cultivation. The text explores the diversity within the genus and even within a given species. It may surprise readers as to how many different flower colours are already in cultivation. Exceptional pot or landscape plant for small or large places. Very hardy and integrates well with many garden styles including succulents. The pictures show great examples of garden and pot use.
20 pages.
This booklet focuses on Australian succulent calandrinias in habitat, covering many of the common and also some of the very rare and unusual new species that have come to light or discovered in recent years, notably a bright yellow flowered species.
20 pages.
Succulent Orchids
Orchid flowers are seasonal and may not last that long. This is about the plants that are worth growing and knowing just for how they look any time of the year. What is unusual about this orchid booklet is that the plants featured include some of the most drought-hardy, easy to grow orchids in the world. Extremely desirable and collectable plants for porch, patio and a range of other outdoor areas. Ideal for vertical gardens where space is a premium. Also great examples of unusual and interesting Australian succulent orchids that most people haven't seen before. Includes plants suitable for rockeries.
20 pages.

Attila Kapitany is the President of the Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia, an international consultant on cacti and succulent plants, with over 30 years experience, author of eight books on cacti and succulents and in recent years author of the highly acclaimed book on Australia native plants. He is also a prominent member of the Horticultural Media Association of Australia (HMA), a member of the British Cactus and Succulent Society, the American Cactus and Succulent Society to name a few, and is recognised around the world for his journal articles and other publications. He is regularly invited as a key note speaker both and internationally for his unusual and very entertaining presentations.

Self published titles: Kapitany Concepts 2011 (more in series planned for 2012). For more details and ordering visit
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