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A Fine Greek Garden

Photographs from the owner's collection.

The garden is 8.5 acres and when we bought it ten years ago it was covered in pine trees. The hills around it, which are part of Mt Pendeli, were also pine-covered and the view south to the Messoghia plain was very beautiful. Subsequently, three fires and the overdevelopment of the area changed the wonderful landscape of the mountain and in addition a large part of the plain has been taken over by the new Athens airport.

The devastating results of the fires left us with a bare piece of unfertile land where the strong north-eastern winds (meltemi) blew unhindered. On the other hand, we had a chance to start from scratch and shape the land as we pleased. The garden and the house have been built simultaneously all these years with the help of an extremely gifted American architect and artist, Charles Shoup. His constant inspiration has made it possible for the garden and the house to come true.

The owner, 2001

A description of this garden can be found entitled: "Stone, Water, Plants: A Fine Greek Garden" by Caroline Harbouri in The Mediterranean Garden No. 39 January 2005




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