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The cover drawing of Ficus sycomorus is by Veronica Hadjiphani-Lorenzetti

The Mediterranean Garden

No. 90 October 2017

Caroline Harbouri, Editor


From the President: Enriching Friendships

Island Trees
  Nigel McGilchrist

The Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
  Michael Bains

Enchanted by Serralves
  Ann Semaan Beisch

The Launch of the MGAP Barrocal Botanic Garden
 Burford Hurry

  Mary Graham

A Herbarium with Australian Plants in Switzerland
  Edith Haeuser

Old Bridge House Memories: A Garden on the Margaret River, West Australia
  Julie Kinney

Thunbergia alata
  Peter Dinning

Opening the Garden to Visitors
  Yvonne Barton

  Caroline Harbouri

In Praise of Russelia equisetiformis
  Susanne Wogart

Conquering Table Mountain
  Kirsten Honeyman

Vertical (and Horizontal) Forests
  Susan Brookes


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