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A garden in Uzès, France

Our new garden was created almost exactly two years ago in the Languedoc region of France. We wanted to create a "pretty, mosaic garden" using easy to grow mediterranean plants. The garden is 25m x 15m, faces due south and is protected by mature Quercus ilex and Q. palustris trees and a planted hedge of Arbutus unedo and Laurus nobilis. The rest of the garden is wild and uncultivated to encourage local fauna and flora. The soil is an imported clay loam with a pH value of 7 which dries out completely in the summer. The soil surface is covered with a bark mulch. This is given a "light sprinkle" for about 10 minutes each morning which seems beneficial since it promotes plant turgidity. There are four raised vegetable beds filled with recycled garden compost which are irrigated twice a day for 10 minutes. The photographs were taken at the height of summer.

Flowers not included in the photographs include Caryopteris incana, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink', Helichrysum spp., Linum perenne, Liatris spp., Osteospermum fructicosum, Phlomis purpurea, Salvia greggii 'Furman's Red', S. microphylla 'Royal Bumble', Verbena bonariensis, V. venosa.

Perovskia, Gaura, Stipa, Agastache spp., annual Cosmos,
Sisyrinchium striatum, Scabiosa.

Lantana camara, Salvia nemorosa, Stipa tenuifolia,
Perovskia, Gaura

Juniperus horizontalis, Agastache spp., Cordyline australis, Salvia, Stipa,
Allium giganteum, Agapanthus praecox, Scabiosa
spp., Pennisetum spp.

Callistemon laevis, Nandina domestica, Acca sellowiana, Stipa, Nandina,
Perovskia , Gaura, Salvia nemorosa, Frankenia laevis,
with a hedge of Quercus ilex.

Four raised vegetable beds using recycled garden compost.

Small bird pond, Carex spp., Nymphea spp., Eichhornia crassipes, Typha spp.

Dwarf bamboo, Phyla holding a bank.

Wild area.
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