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An international forum devoted to furthering knowledge and appreciation of plants and gardens suited to the mediterranean climate regions of the world

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The Mediterranean Garden Society is a non-profit-making association founded in Greece in 1994 which acts as a focus for everyone who has a special interest in the plants and gardens of mediterranean-climate regions. The society publishes a quarterly journal The Mediterranean Garden and maintains a garden just outside Athens on an estate, Sparoza, belonging to the Goulandris Natural History Museum and generously placed at our disposal. The aims of the MGS as set out in the Charter were deliberately drafted broadly to cover all possible directions that the society might wish to go in. The MGS is a Greek society with members in thirty-eight countries throughout the world. Branches of the society have been formed in many areas under volunteer Branch Heads who organise various activities for the local members.

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The MGS Forum, a place for discussing mediterranean plants, cultivated and wild, as well as every aspect of gardens and gardening. It is open to anyone, members and non-members alike and contributors post photographs of their plants and gardens, ask gardening questions including plant identification, give tips from their experience, offer expert advice etc.
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The Mediterranean Garden Society has never relied on state or business funding so has not been severely affected by the cutbacks resulting from the current world financial crisis, however with the crisis lasting so long, the MGS must adapt to the situation while continuing to pursue its aims. This is why donations offered by our members, no matter how small the amount, are so important and gratefully received. If you would like to make a donation to the Society, either when you are renewing your annual subscription or at any other time, you may do so using the online donation facility. Alternatively you may wish to support the MGS garden at Sparoza directly by Adopting a plant.

The photographs on this page are by Jorun Tharaldsen and described here.

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